30th Anniversary

The 1982 was an incredible year.

Not all remember it, but in 1982 Michael Jackson sings Thriller, the best-selling album in the world. Cinemas plays ET the Extra-Terrestrial, but also Gandhi, Blade Runner and Bingo Bongo. In 1982 the war of the Flakland ends, and in 11 of July under the gaze of the Italian First Minister Sandro Pertini Italian Football Team beat the German by 3 to 1 and becomes World Champion. In America arrived the latest computer technology: the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum...

At Ravenna, in Lido di Dante opens the new management of the existing Bagno Classe. Not everyone knows, but it name does not depend on the camping behind. It takes its name from the Pineta di Classe, the natural park that starts just behind the Bagno Classe and goes for miles of trees and beach. Thirty years have passed since then. Times and fashions have changed, but the Tanesini family is still at its place, ready to open the doors every morning and welcome visitors and old friends just like the first day.

To celebrate thirty long and wonderful years of work, this year we have prepared some surprises that will accompany us in the coming months. For the moment we prefer not to list them in detail. For some we are still organizing and for other details are need to define. For the moment we propose a general program to give you a little taste of things to come.

Among surprises that we are working we can list:

- Evenings at the Lido: theme dinners where the restaurant will focus on the origins and traditions of Romagna in general and in particular of Ravenna;

- The Beer of the Week: Each week (and only for a week) a new and different beer. Specialties from all over the world of amber (but not only) drink to offer our customers new ideas and new sensations;

- Bagno Classe Summer Games: Summer Games for the kids of the Lido. After the successful first edition last year, this year is replicated with two events, open to all, settled to entertain and play the youngest of the beach.

This and more awaits you in the 2012 season of Bagno Classe.
Do not miss.